My Studio


Trish Working In Her Studio

For me the entire process of painting is a joy. I love to see raw materials like wood and canvas come together to create the basis for my next paintings.



Canvas Preparation PictureOnce a year I set aside some of my time, and devote several days to building my own wooden stretchers, then stretching the canvases followed by application of several layers of gesso and sanding.




Completed Canvas Frame

Stretching Canvas on StretcherIn the end the final product is structurally sound and of extremely high quality. This displays my attention to detail as well as my desire to create.



My Bio


Many things in life are overlooked or undervalued. The brilliance of a sunset, the taste of a homemade meal, and my focus; the presence of a blooming flower. I care for living things, pure things, things you can smell and touch. Things that invoke the senses and bring peace of mind. These things are often forgotten yet they have the power to bring happiness to so many lives.


Growing up on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario I spent most of my time outdoors. I was drawn to nature and all it offered. I quickly realized my outlet in high school - paint, pencils and clay - was where I truly belonged. I studied everything from stained glass to pottery, mosaic tiles to pastels before I found my true niche, painting.


I attended Georgian College where I graduated with Honors in the Fine Arts program. Sculpting, drawing, print making and painting along with other English and writing programs expanded my knowledge, skills and perspective. My work is exhibited annually at the Lions Head Art Show in Ontario.


My first solo exhibition took place in 2006 in Walkerton, Ontario and I was the featured guest artist for the summer season at the Stone Orchid Eatery & Shoppe in Tobermory, Ontario.


My paintings represent something in me, the part of me that believes nature offers the most beautiful things. These things, I wish to share.